LPL Technology

Spending less time spent on routine tasks gives you more time to focus on clients’ needs and business growth strategies. LPL Financial is committed to helping you run your office more efficiently with easy-to-use tools and the support to implement them.

Improve efficiency with easy-to-use tools

LPL offers a range of tools and technologies to help you realize the full potential of your office—and save you time—by improving access to documents, workflow, and support.

Document management

eSignature: A secure way to sign and submit documents electronically from both desktop and mobile devices, eSignature reduces processing time and eliminates the need to print, fax, or mail documents.

iDoc: Our compliance-approved document management service reduces paperwork processing time by storing client documents on a secure system for easy access.

eDelivery: Your clients can go paperless by choosing to receive monthly statements, quarterly performance reports on advisory accounts, trade confirms, and prospectuses and proxies.

Asset management

The Enhanced Trading & Rebalancing Tool is an integrated single-platform solution that helps simplify the portfolio rebalancing process, enabling advisors to rebalance hundreds of accounts with a few clicks.

Financial planning

Clients can access a more robust view of their financial lives with WealthVisionSM, a powerful web-based wealth planning tool.


Our Compliance bundle includes a variety of tools advisors need to operate a compliance-minded business, including advisory and other supervision tools, a marketing compliance system, and more.

Technical support

From initial platform setup to advanced troubleshooting, our skilled technology experts are available via phone and email to answer questions promptly and efficiently, from 7:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m. ET, Monday–Friday.

Vendor Affinity Program

Choose from a network of trusted industry partners for technology products and services ranging from customer relationship management to performance reporting capabilities. Because of our scale, many vendors provide products or services at a discounted rate to our advisors.