Learn more about the LPL Transition Portal, a website that contains helpful information about what you’ll need to complete as you move to LPL Financial.

LPL Financial Advisor Transition Tracking

To help you complete all aspects of your new partnership with LPL, you can use the online portal to connect you to training modules and track your progress. The onboarding experience will prepare you to maximize your opportunities and provide your clients the highest levels of service.

Stay on track for your move with the LPL Transition Portal.

Stay on track with your transition

Take advantage of our online portal to track onboarding and training to get the most from your LPL partnership.

Know how. Know where. Know why.

To help you complete all aspects of your new partnership with LPL, our online portal will connect you to training modules and help you track your progress. Here’s just some of the training that will help you maximize your potential:

  • LPL platforms
  • LPL products
  • Marketing policies
  • Compliance requirements
  • Systems and security

Each training module is designed to make good use of your time as well as acquaint you with everything you need to thrive at LPL.


Transition Assistance

Work with our dedicated experts to plan and execute a successful business transition.

Investment Transitions

The LPL Investment Transitions Consulting team helps you map assets and products and find opportunities for future growth.

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