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LPL Strategic Wealth Services

Benefit from the only fully integrated breakaway solution designed to support financial professionals in their transition to independence and ongoing success.

The only complete partner

LPL Strategic Wealth Services is the only fully integrated solution designed to help you with every step of the move to independence, from real estate to IT to marketing. Once you’ve transitioned to independence, you will be partnered with a seasoned management team to help you continue to thrive.  Hands-on services and proactive support built upon and integrated with LPL’s all-inclusive custody and clearing platform, so you can focus on what you do best – and what you really love: taking care of clients.

You own it. We run it.



Financial advisors are leaving their wirehouses to set up their own independent advisory firms. In fact, more than $222 billion in assets are leaving employee channels for independence each year.¹ The reasons for this are clear: successful advisors want the freedom to choose the products that best meet their clients’ needs, and the autonomy to shape and enhance the client relationships. Above all, they want the incomparable rewards of owning their business.

LPL Strategic Wealth Services removes the constraints of bureaucracy and the operational burdens of running a business, so financial advisors can reap the rewards of owning a business, advising clients the way they want to advise them, and creating a legacy that endures.

You choose how you want to structure your new business, and LPL Strategic Wealth Services delivers a solution that gets you there from the moment you decide to leave your current firm through setting up the business to ongoing, day-to-day operations, and empowering your clients to easily follow.

By partnering with LPL, you benefit from our stability, relationships, expertise, services, and tools that expand your capabilities and give you more time for clients. LPL brings together the three elements most critical to your business – broker-dealer, custody, and clearing – all in one place, to give you a simple, intuitive experience as part of one dedicated relationship.

LPL’s commitment to your success is grounded in our multi-tiered approach to support. At every stage of your business’s development, you’ll benefit from LPL’s investment in advisor-centric care, technology, innovation, and service. By combining these approaches with dedicated and customized resources unique to your needs, as well as personalized support from experienced professionals, LPL Strategic Wealth Services’ partnership provides the elevated caliber of care you deserve to maximize your potential.

LPL Strategic Wealth Services includes:

  • Holistic transition services
  • Dedicated client experience team
  • Specialized business solutions
    • Marketing
    • CFO Consultant
    • Technology Support
    • Administrative Staff
  • Wealth management consulting
  • Non-proprietary advisory investment options
  • Integrated custody and brokerage
  • Curated advisor focused technology
  • Comprehensive compliance and risk management
  • Transparent economic structure

A smooth transition

LPL successfully transitions thousands of financial advisors every year. Our turnkey transition management solution takes the burden off you from start to finish.

You’ll be assigned an attentive and tenured transition partner to guide you through the transition, ensuring every contingency is covered and keeping you on track.

While you continue to focus on your clients, LPL Strategic Wealth Services takes care of getting your business up and running to your exacting specifications, with additional onboarding support during this critical time to make it easy for your clients to transition with you.

Ongoing business support

Once you’ve transitioned to independence, we provide ongoing advisor-centric support, customized to your unique needs, allowing you to focus on your role as business developer as opposed to business operator.

We partner you with a seasoned management team that provides 360-degree, hands-on services and proactive support, resulting in more coordination, more efficiency, more confidence, and more time to focus on what counts: serving your clients.

As your business evolves, we evolve along with you.

Maximize your potential

LPL Strategic Wealth Services equips you with the tools and resources to take your practice to the next level, deliver an elevated client experience, take home more revenue, build equity in your business, and leave a lasting legacy.

¹ Cerulli US Broker-Dealer Marketplace 2019 Report

Confidentially connect

Connect in confidence with one of our experienced consultants to learn how LPL Strategic Wealth Services empowers your independence.


LPL enhances advisor-client relationships through technology, with a curated choice of products and platforms and the power of integration.

Award-winning research

LPL Research helps you navigate the markets and economy, and provides objective investment insights to help you make informed decisions for clients.