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Strategic Wealth Services

Other broker/dealers may say comprehensive support. LPL actually delivers it.

Strategic Wealth Services (SWS )

A truly tailored experience for financial advisors breaking away from their wirehouse. In the SWS model at LPL Financial, we handle your business operations—every detail—with you at the helm. During launch and ongoing, you call the shots. We make them happen. 

Real People at LPL Get You Real Results 

You get a dedicated team of financial advisor practice experts who run your business. You’re the owner and driver, and they function like your staff, handling logistics on your behalf. They’re not consultants, and they’re not “a resource.” They’re a team of practitioners working for your business.

You’ll be paired with an executive coach who coordinates various business functions—financial technology, marketing, administration, etc.—and helps you hone your entrepreneurial instincts.

One Fee, No Fuss 

A truly integrated service, one fee gets you the full Strategic Wealth Services experience. That includes setting up your financial business for launch and running your ongoing operations.

How It Works

With LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services, you choose how you want to structure your new business. Our team gets you there—from the moment you decide to leave your current firm through setting up the business. Then they continue to run your ongoing, day-to-day operations.

You get a broker-dealer, custody, and clearing all in one place. This gives you a simple, intuitive experience as part of one dedicated relationship.

LPL’s commitment to your success is grounded in our multi-tiered approach to support. At every stage of your business’s development, you’ll benefit from LPL’s investment in advisor-centric care, technology, innovation, and service. By combining these approaches with dedicated and customized resources unique to your needs, as well as personalized support from experienced professionals, LPL Strategic Wealth Services’ partnership provides the elevated caliber of care you deserve to maximize your potential.

LPL Strategic Wealth Services takes care of getting your business up and running to your exacting specifications, with additional onboarding support during this critical time to make it easy for your clients to transition with you.

Join the movement. Break away with LPL.

If you’re ready to break away to your tailored experience, confidentially connect with us today. 

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Financial Technology

LPL enhances advisor-client relationships through technology, with a curated choice of products and platforms and the power of integration.

Award-winning research

LPL Research helps you navigate the markets and economy, and provides objective investment insights to help you make informed decisions for clients.