An Employee Model, Redefined.

Get More with Linsco by LPL Financial

As a Linsco by LPL Financial advisor, your client relationships and your brand are yours alone. You’re free to call the shots—choose the products that are best suited for your clients and build your business on your terms, all while being supported by a firm that shows you the same care and respect you show your clients.

Benefit from the strength of LPL’s tools, services, and end-to-end support to manage and grow your business efficiently. All this, plus earn the competitive compensation and benefits you deserve, with payouts ranging from 50–70%.

Unlike many other W-2 employee models, you’ll have complete ownership of your client relationships. We put it in writing. That means, when the time comes, you’ll be able to monetize your book of business.

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Key Benefits of Linsco by LPL Financial

As a Linsco advisor, you’ll have modern workspaces and competitive employee benefits that represent the important investment LPL makes in your health and wellbeing.

Integrated technology

that helps you improve efficiency, create scale, and offer a seamless digital service experience. At LPL, we are positioned to be able to deploy capital and invest in our advisors’ businesses. That includes $100 million annually in innovation.

Growth and mergers and acquisitions support

through LPL’s Advisor Financial Solutions team. We’ll help you chart a path toward growth, whether that’s organic or inorganic through acquisition. That includes deal structuring, buyer and seller matching, and access to capital.

Hands-on marketing support

to establish your brand and tools to deliver digital marketing tailored to your needs. LPL’s Marketing Solutions connects you with a digital marketing consultant to help you generate prospects, connect with clients, and execute a digital marketing plan on your behalf.

Administrative support

whether you’re joining with an administrative partner you’ve known for years or leveraging our fully trained Admin Solutions professionals. By over-indexing on administrative support, we enable your team to complete client and account tasks more efficiently.

Holistic transition services

to help you and your clients have a seamless transition. While you continue to focus on your clients, your Transition Partner takes the burden off of you from start to finish. Our experienced support team is responsible for over 1,000 successful advisor and team transitions each year.

Branch managers

who serve as your advocates and thought partners from day one. Whether they’re helping you navigate the firm, connecting you with resources, escalating issues, or providing key operational and logistical aid, the team’s only business is to support you and your on-site staff.

We truly believe LPL is aligned with our culture and desire to put clients first. LPL is an industry leader with great resources, but they don’t overstep boundaries or pass down corporate mandates. They empower us to do our jobs as financial advisors and are there to support us with the tools we need to spend more time with clients.”      

-- Kyle Smith and Michael Sandlin, Smith Sandlin Wealth Planning

Advisors First, Always

Just as your business relies on your relationships with your clients, our business relies on our relationship with you. That’s why every one of our 4,600+ employees is committed to building on our more than 30-year heritage of supporting financial advisors.

Our only business is to help advisors grow, and enable you to deliver the best possible client experience while benefiting from the resources of a nationally leading independent wealth management firm.*

What Advisors Are Saying

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“LPL provides Schiffman Wealth Planning a simpler, more comprehensive financial planning platform to deliver a more realistic plan to my existing clients and future families.”

Jeff Schiffman, Schiffman Wealth Planning

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“LPL gave us the freedom to market how we want and with the resource of a marketing solutions consultant, it allows us to get our message out.”

Tracy Applewhite and Sean Tyll II, Applewhite Tyll Retirement Planners

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“With LPL’s help, we are able to continue to focus on what’s most important—helping our clients and our communities.” 

Ginny Houghton, Allen & Company

Boenning & Scattergood Moves to Linsco by LPL Financial
February 01, 2023 LPL Financial
“LPL’s commitment to continuously invest in its platform and operational resources will allow us to further differentiate the experience we offer to our clients.” - Harold Scattergood Jr.
Tim Truebenbach Joins Linsco by LPL Financial
November 14, 2022 LPL Financial
“With Linsco, I don’t have to do it all on my own. The whole platform is designed to support my office so I can take care of clients.” - Tim Truebenbach
Florida Advisor Chip Marcus Joins Linsco by LPL
October 12, 2022 LPL Financial
“With Linsco, I can build my own brand and retain ownership of clients within a business model that will allow me to manage my clients.” – Chip Marcus
25th Advisor Team Joins LPL’s Employee Advisor Model
September 26, 2022 LPL Financial
“LPL is focused on supporting advisors. We appreciate all of the vast resources that we now have available to help us serve clients better.” - Benjamin Link
Father-Daughter Team Joins Linsco by LPL Financial
September 13, 2022 LPL Financial
“We look forward to working together with Linsco by LPL because the people, technology and services are superb.” – Maureen Kelly
Broadway Wealth Management Chooses Linsco
September 08, 2022 LPL Financial
“LPL offers the administrative support and turnkey services we need to … strengthening relationships with our clients and meeting their unique financial needs.” - Justin Hurd
LPL to Acquire Boenning & Scattergood
July 08, 2022 LPL Financial
“LPL is the right partner for us to carry … our business forward. LPL took the time to understand our business, … and our goals.” - Harold Scattergood Jr.
LPL Financial Launches Private Client Services Network
June 15, 2022 LPL Financial
New program creates a full-service option for LPL advisors to use vetted providers to better serve the needs of affluent clients
Advisor Randall Pickett Joins LPL’s Employee Model
May 19, 2022 LPL Financial
“We’re excited to have access to a wide range of offerings that will allow us to provide our clients with differentiated experiences.”
Michael Gavett joins LPL’s Employee Advisor Model
April 26, 2022 LPL Financial
“The industry is evolving dramatically and quickly, and it was important for me to be part of a leading wealth management firm with a wide variety of innovative resources.” – Michael Gavett
Case Study: ApplewhiteTyll Retirement Planners
April 21, 2022 LPL Financial
“We get the feel of independence. We own our own business. But we have the support of everyone in the background making it happen. We’re independent advisors who have healthcare and a 401(k).”
R.B. Mitchell Affiliates with Linsco by LPL Financial
April 21, 2022 LPL Financial
“We believe that Linsco’s individualized support and comprehensive resources will also allow us to focus on the unique needs of our clients – which, at the end of the day, is what we value most.” – Joanna Page
Beltway Wealth Management Joins Linsco
April 06, 2022 LPL Financial
“We strategically made this move to gain more independence and ownership of our practice and, in turn, be more strongly positioned to offer additional services to our clients.” – Gary Edmonds
Lisa Tesar Joins Linsco by LPL Financial
April 04, 2022 LPL Financial
"We were especially drawn to the Linsco model, which allows us to do everything we could do at a large regional firm, but comes with individualized support and resources.” – Lisa Tesar
Case Study: Finding a Philosophical Match in LPL
March 11, 2022 LPL Financial
When the SmithSandlin partners joined Linsco by LPL Financial, the firm’s new employee model, it provided a comprehensive level of support they had enjoyed as W-2 employees. They also found they would own their own book and be allowed to market themselves under their own brand.
Blake & Drew Turner Join Linsco model
March 09, 2022 LPL Financial
“With LPL’s innovative technology, robust digital platforms and investment opportunities, we are confident that this is the right move at the right time.” – Drew Turner
Mark Ross Joins Linsco by LPL and Launches Practice
February 22, 2022 LPL Financial
“With Linsco, I have access to LPL’s innovative advisory platform, but I’m not flying solo. I rely on the Linsco support team for things like compliance and administration so I can focus solely on my clients and evolving my practice.” – Mark Ross
Financial Advisor Gene Foley Joins Linsco by LPL Financial
December 13, 2021 LPL Financial
“I wanted the independence that comes with owning my practice, where I can truly focus on doing what’s most appropriate for my valued client relationships.” – Gene Foley
Trent Wealth Management Launches at Linsco by LPL Financial
December 13, 2021 LPL Financial
“LPL stood out as a clear industry leader, and gives us the independence to run our business on our own terms, with more freedom to manage portfolios as we see fit for our clients.” – Bob Trent
Michael Markovich Joins Linsco by LPL Financial
December 13, 2021 LPL Financial
“I feel empowered to make business decisions in my clients’ best interest while having access to LPL’s resources at scale.” – Michael Markovich
Trio Open Linsco by LPL Financial Office in Charlotte, NC
November 15, 2021 LPL Financial
“LPL stood out as an industry leader, giving us the independence we craved along with open architecture to build personalized plans in a cost-effective way.” Andrew Robson
Advisor Team Joins Linsco by LPL Financial
August 19, 2021 LPL Financial
The employee advisors will open a new office in Richmond, Va.
Two Advisors Join LPL and Linsco Employee Model
July 28, 2021 LPL Financial
Employee team opens new Linsco by LPL Financial office in Raleigh, N.C.
LPL Financial Welcomes Financial Advisor Jeffrey Schiffman
May 13, 2021 LPL Financial
Florida-based advisor joins the new Linsco by LPL Financial employee model.
LPL Financial Welcomes Financial Advisor Dennis P. Durocher
April 26, 2021 LPL Financial
“By joining LPL, I can work the way I have been, but with greater flexibility and innovative technology solutions.” - Durocher

1 As of 5/31/2021

*Top RIA custodian (Cerulli Associates, 2019 U.S. RIA Marketplace Report); No. 1 Independent Broker-Dealer in the U.S. (Based on total revenues, Financial Planning magazine June 1996-2021); No. 1 provider of third-party brokerage services to banks and credit unions (2019-2021 Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting Annual TPM Report); Fortune 500 as of June 2021.

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