The Advantages of Joining a Community Bank or Credit Union Wealth Program

Bank and Credit Union Advisor

Advising clients within a bank or credit union environment offers the significant benefits of institutional credibility, existing client base, an established infrastructure, and a collaborative environment. Whether you’re an existing advisor or you’ve just begun your career, LPL Financial offers the tools and support to help you build and grow your business.

Through LPL, I have access to top-of-the-line software and services for planning and portfolio management.

- Patricia Paulik, Heartland Bank and Trust

Joining a Bank or Credit Union

Making the move to a bank or credit union that partners with LPL Financial can be an appealing option for an advisor at any stage of their career. Advisors can benefit from the credibility, trusted brand, and established presence of a local institution. It presents an opportunity to start building a reputation in a client-centered environment that's a convenient venue for all of their financial service needs.

For more experienced advisors, such a move represents a chance to bring existing clients into a well-established institution with a support structure and back-office resources already in place. Making this move puts you in a unique position to tap into the institution’s clientele and provide services to a wider range of investors with a more holistic wealth management approach.

Benefits of LPL’s Unified Technology Platform

When you join the LPL community of bank and credit union advisors, you gain access to dedicated solutions, advice, and support.

Our web portal, ClientWorks, can help to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice operations from one convenient location. Advisors can access an impressive array of tools, insightful research, analysis, and performance reporting from this convenient mobile-friendly platform to effectively conduct business.

LPL Financial and Heartland Bank and Trust are separate entities.