See Wealth Management Differently at Your Institution

Accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and mitigate risk by consolidating middle and back-office wealth management functions into one streamlined platform.

Enhance your wealth management offering

Staying competitive in wealth management can be challenging and costly, especially when it’s not your primary focus. Your clients trust you, and offering wealth management is valuable to them. Additionally, keeping wealth management in your service mix can help your business thrive in a competitive market.

Explore a strategic partnership with LPL Financial to simplify and expand your capabilities. We handle the middle and back office functions, allowing you to focus on what matters most – supporting advisors and serving clients.

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Simplify, with one streamlined platform

When it comes to your wealth management business, you could patchwork together a multitude of technology solutions. At LPL Financial, we streamline your operations through a single, seamless platform, tailored just for you to address all your business needs.

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Keep the future of wealth management in sight with LPL Financial.

Scale: With expanded resources, services, and products from an industry leader in wealth management, your enterprise gains scalability to keep up with client demands.

Investments: We invest capital, time, and resources in the capabilities your business needs to drive success. Your time and capital are invested where it truly matters.

Growth: Increased revenue, improved profitability, and advisor recruitment can enhance your wealth management business’s contribution to the holistic success of the enterprise.

Health: As in, health of your organization. Simplify vendor management, reduce the need for non-producing employees, increase cost-efficiency, and create a better workplace for your advisors.

Technology: LPL Financial invests millions of dollars in our technology platform every year, and the first ones to benefit from better technology are your advisors and clients.

With LPL Financial you can:

We are committed to being a partner, not just a vendor. We listen to feedback, collaborate on big ideas, and share our decades of expertise.

Own your Brand, Run Your Business Your Way

You deserve the freedom and independence to operate your business as you see fit. Our dynamic platform offers customization and flexibility tailored to your advisors and your business needs. We adapt to your institution, not the other way around.

Reduce Your Regulatory Risk with A Trusted Partner

As a top-three custodian and Fortune 500 company managing $1 trillion in assets, we have a 25-year track record as the leading independent broker/dealer. You will receive the strength and guidance you need to navigate challenges without regulatory burdens.

Attract Top Talent with Dedicated Recruiting Resources

We connect you with industry-leading advisors to fuel your firm's growth. Our experienced recruiting team understands your institution's goals and pairs you with advisors who share your values.


Count on Our Five-Star Service & Support

Our mission is to streamline your business operations and ensure your advisors can serve clients seamlessly. When assistance is required, we offer a mix of technology and human support for fast, effective resolution.



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