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LPL Offers Its Blockchain Innovators Portfolio

LPL Financial

LPL Research’s “Blockchain Ecosystems: An Investment Opportunity” explains blockchain technology and LPL Financial Research’s new Blockchain Innovators Portfolio SMA.

Blockchain Investment Strategy Now Available

Don’t dismiss blockchain as just another industry buzzword. It’s an ingenious distributed ledger technology with the potential to impact market sectors ranging from real estate to healthcare.

Offering opportunities to innovate, increase operational efficiencies, and develop new business models through its implementation across nearly every industry, the technology is in the sights of investment firms exploring ways to capitalize on it.

In “Blockchain Ecosystems: An Investment Opportunity,” LPL Research, the research arm of LPL Financial, provides an overview of the blockchain’s potential for disrupting information technology and providing new investment opportunities. One of those opportunities includes access to a new model portfolio, LPL Research’s Blockchain Innovators Portfolio, offered within LPL’s Manager Select platform.

Download LPL Research’s Blockchain Ecosystems: An Investment Opportunity now for more insights into the technology and LPL’s latest separately managed account (SMA).



Blockchain is a novel technology for which its uses, opportunities, applications and abilities are unknown and unproven. There can be no assurances that companies investing in this technology will be able to benefit from it. The Amount and type of investment restrictions are subject to change and manager’s acceptance.

This is a new product/service offered by LPL Financial and thus has no performance track record. Its investment objective is long term capital appreciation and therefore may not be suitable in substantial amounts for investors with a shorter-term time horizon, preservation of principal related investment objectives or lower risk tolerances.

In choosing to participate in a Separately Managed Account (SMA), investors should carefully consider the amount they plan to invest; their investment objectives; and the SMA’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing.

Investing in a SMA involves direct ownership of the assets purchased by the investment manager on the investor’s behalf. Therefore, all investors should understand and be able to bear all of the risks associated with the underlying assets.

Investing in stock includes numerous specific risks including: the fluctuation of dividend, loss of principal, and potential illiquidity of the investment in a falling market.