LPL Financial Fort Mill location building

LPL Work Environment

Where we work influences how we work. LPL’s physical work environments play strong roles in supporting our culture and mission. While each facility is different, all promote employee well-being and productivity — helping us to do our best and be our best.

Designed for Wellness

Studies show that physical and emotional wellness facilitate workplace efficiency and productivity. They also contribute to employee satisfaction. But our efforts to foster wellness at LPL go beyond the typical yoga classes and onsite fitness centers. Wellness is an integral component of our physical environments. Examples include:

  • Abundant mood-lifting natural light
  • Technology integrated in ways that help us feel more in control of our environments
  • Workstations with sit-to-stand desks, privacy screens, and individual thermal controls, enabling us to tailor our environments to fit the way we prefer to work
  • Choice rooms in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate impromptu meetings or a brief getaway
  • Open communal spaces with comfortable seating that serve as alternative places to work individually or collaborate with others

Built for Sustainability

Environmental sustainability helps shape LPL’s work environments and culture as well.

It contributes to the safety and welfare of our employees. It helps us be better community members. It reduces our overall carbon footprint. And it enhances the reputation of our company, which ultimately benefits our network of financial advisors — the very reason we exist.

Our Boston, MA, San Diego, CA, and Fort Mill, SC facilities are LEED-certified, demonstrating our incorporation of green building features. Numerous eco-friendly practices are business as usual, such as desk-side recycling and composting.

Our employees regularly engage in activities to promote environmental sustainability, whether it’s recycling eyeglasses and shoes or participating in Earth Day activities.

You’ll find more examples across throughout LPL that demonstrate our commitment to providing healthy work environments and employing practices for sustainability.


Work at LPL

If you’re interested in being part of a company that values and promotes wellness and environmental sustainability, LPL could be the place for you. Learn about our application and hiring processes. Or, start your LPL job search now.