LPL Corporate Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report

Operating with integrity. Promoting transparency. Executing with excellence in a socially responsible way. Learn what LPL has been doing on the sustainability front and our plans for the future.

LPL’s ESG vision: To take care of our financial professionals and their clients by operating responsibly and ethically and strengthening trust with our mutual stakeholders.

Business the socially responsible way

At LPL, our mission drives everything we do. It keeps us focused, agile, and accountable so we can take care of our advisors even as demographics change, new technologies emerge, and our industry transforms.

Our mission also ensures we focus our business on areas that create the greatest positive impact. While at its core LPL’s business affects our employees, our advisors, and their clients, we also recognize that there are environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors we affect through our work. 

Learn about our initiatives, accomplishments, and ongoing efforts in our corporate sustainability report.

Social responsibility in action

Our sustainable framework begins by applying an ESG lens to all of our business priorities.

Strategy – To create conditions that will underpin the sustainability of an industry-leading service experience, and to develop ESG as a business driver that helps our clients operate and grow their practices.

Execution – Ensuring sustainable quality as we continuously improve. Reducing waste and prioritizing resources – both human and financial – where they most positively impact our clients.

Culture – ESG is the epitome of one of our cultural values around big picture thinking, encouraging us to think about every upstream and downstream impact to our business and the environment we operate in.

2019 social responsibility highlights

As of December 31:

  • Offered access to 220 sustainable mutual funds and 82 sustainable exchange-traded funds
  • Contributed more than $1.5 million to nonprofit firms
  • Repurposed 97 tons of waste and composted over 76 tons of waste
  • Our Fort Mill office is USGBC LEED – Gold certified, and our San Diego and Boston offices are USGBC LEED – Platinum certified.
  • Had 90% satisfaction rate of our employee and advisor training
  • Women and minorities made up 44.4% of LPL Financial’s directors
  • Received 2019 Industry Award for efforts in advisor diversity and inclusion
  • Named an InvestmentNews 2019 Diversity Champion for programs in support of advisor and end investor diversity and inclusion
  • 34% of LPL’s employees belonged to at least one of our 11 unique Employee Resource Groups


Respecting Human Rights

We believe we can make a positive difference if we begin by respecting the basic fundamental freedoms of human rights.

Diversity and investing

What does diversity and inclusion have to do with investing? The answer is socially responsible investing.

Environmental efforts

From desk-side recycling to net zero water usage, LPL makes environmental sustainability business as usual.

Integrity matters

We see value in working responsibly. How we conduct business is as important as the business we conduct.