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LPL Wellness Benefits and Perks

Wellness goes beyond avoiding illnesses and injuries. It’s about feeling your best physically and emotionally and minimizing stressors like financial issues. LPL’s wellness benefits and perks contribute to our employees’ overall well-being, empowering them to pursue healthier, happier lives.

Physical and Emotional Wellness  

LPL offers numerous benefits and other perks to help employees — and in many cases their families — manage their physical and emotional well-being and adopt healthier lifestyles. As with most of our benefits, the selection can vary at each location but typically includes:

Financial Wellness

Working in the financial services industry, we understand the importance of financial wellness and the peace of mind that comes from being on a path toward a more secure financial future. We help our employees on both fronts.

LPL offers competitive salaries and is committed to pay equity across all areas of our company. We also provide benefits and resources to help our employees pursue their life’s aspirations whether that’s preparing for retirement, going back to college or simply spending more time with their families:


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