Re-Envision how you do wealth management.

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What does it mean to re-envision the way that you do wealth management?

Create a new vision for the wealth management sector of your enterprise. With the unique ability to consolidate your middle and back office functions into one streamlined platform, LPL Financial is the only strategic partner you need to re-envision how you do wealth management.


See technology

When your wealth management tech platform doesn’t integrate well with the rest of the organization, it can cause headaches and holdups for advisors and clients alike. Our solution customizes technology to integrate more seamlessly with your platform.

See risk management

Leveraging smaller or less stable firms typically doesn’t change your risk profile—but your enterprise can rely on LPL’s compliance and legal experts to help you navigate through standards and requirements with the aim of reducing your risk profile.


See operating margins

Your wealth management business should contribute to the overall success of the organization. Through our enhanced operational efficiencies and personalized plans for the goals of your enterprise, we stay laser-focused on maximizing profits from your wealth management business.

See wealth management

Remain competitive in the wealth management space by optimizing your day-to-day operations. You can focus on delivering advice to clients and leave the middle and back office functions to us. We don’t compete for your clients—we push for your success.



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Scale: With expanded resources, services, and products from an industry leader in wealth management, your enterprise gains scalability to keep up with client demands.

Investments: We invest capital, time, and resources in the capabilities your business needs to drive success. Your time and capital are invested where it truly matters.

Growth: Increased revenue, improved profitability, and advisor recruitment can enhance your wealth management business’s contribution to the holistic success of the enterprise.

Health: As in, health of your organization. Simplify vendor management, reduce the need for non-producing employees, increase cost-efficiency, and create a better workplace for your advisors.

Technology: In 2022, LPL invested $200M in our technology platform. We make significant annual investments to optimize technology, and the first ones to benefit are your advisors and clients.



Simplify, with one streamlined platform

When it comes to your wealth management business, you could patchwork together a multitude of technology solutions. At LPl Financial, we streamline your operations through a single, seamless platform, tailored just for you to address all your business needs.


Illustration of a complicated environment and LPL Financial's solution for a streamlined business.

Re-envision Your Enterprise

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